Упаковка для ягод
Картонная и пластиковая упаковка для ягод

Упаковка для фруктов
Упаковка для фруктов из гофрокартоа.


We make under the order a gofrotara of various designs and the sizes. By production of a gofrotara we apply a corrugated cardboard of own production (three-layer and five-layer). Depending on the transported weight, stacked load and additional external factors, we use various grades of corrugated cardboard ranging from the weakest ones such as Kg and T20 (three-layer corrugated cardboard) to high-strength P35 and P36 (five-layer corrugated cardboard). Corrugated packaging is an environmentally friendly product that can be used in the product group of goods. Gofrotara Ukraine always favorable prices.